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Experience cannot be learned at any university. There's also no shortcut to experience. Receiving guidance from someone who has been in your shoes, or in similar shoes, is important. Even if we as consultants do not know your situation as well as you do, our shared experiences can help shape the way you deal with certain situations. 

In addition to a university degree, wygroup and partners also have many years of hands-on field experience in the IT-industry that they have obtained and deepened through decades of different leading positions in internationally operating companies as well as in start-ups.

The team not only operates in smooth waters but is also crisis proven. This includes - among other things - turnarounds of listed companies after the dot-com bubble, consolidation and realignment of companies after the financial crisis, merging globally active companies after a takeover and the optimization of start-ups after the first investment rounds.

wygroup has


  • sound experience in fast and sustainable scaling of enterprises

  • proven board and non-executive board members

  • internationally-experienced Executives with long-time business- and people-network

  • deep skills in business strategy as well as a possessing determined ability to rapidly improved, robust and compliant controls and processes throughout organizations that not only safeguard performance but also streamline and enhance business generation.

  • expertise in go-to-market strategies as well as experience in developing and executing effective sales/marketing strategies (direct/indirect).

  • longtime start-up and IPO experience

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