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  Start-up Coaching  

The best entrepreneurs realize that having a coach to navigate the intense ups and downs of entrepreneurship is a competitive advantage. They realize that remarkable leaders allow themselves to be supported, especially during their most vulnerable times. The tremendous success of general management over the last century has provided unprecedented material abundance, but those management principles are ill-suited to handle the chaos and uncertainty that startups must face. wygroup has experience in setting up start-ups from the idea to market maturity. Unfortunately, 70% of start-ups have not been able to successfully realize their vision. In order to avoid to fail, wygroup uses the latest methods from Silicon Valley. The methods provide a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and get a desired product to customers' hand faster. wygroup also brings along leading experience in start-ups and possesses IPO experience. wygroup is your partner if you want to take off quickly and successful with your product/services. Your confident appearance, your professional development as a start-up founder is our claim. 


You need:

  • an Accelerator

  • an Incubator

  • Investors

  • support to put your vision into practice 

  • sparring partner in the planning and development of your business

    • Lean Startup

    • Business Model Canvas

    • Value Proposition Design

    • Innovation Accounting

  • to define your USP's

  • to set up a sales, marketing and channel strategy

  • to get an attractive employer

  • a competitor analysis

  • advise how to convince potential investors of yourself and your Business Model


You have the drive - and soon wygroup's experience in the back, so that your start-up takes off!


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