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"We cannot determine the direction of the wind, but we can set the sails correctly!"

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  From vision to practice  

wygroup associates and partners possess many years of field experience in the IT-industry that they have obtained and deepened in different leading positions. wygroup makes this experience available to start-ups, middle-sized and large-sized companies in the software products and service sector.

The Team not only operates in smooth waters but is also crisis proven. This includes - among other things  - turnarounds of listed companies after the dot-com bubble, consolidation and realignment of enterprises after the financial crisis, merging globally active corporations after the takeover, and the optimization of start-ups after the first investment rounds.


wygroup also brings added value in the planning and execution of new products from the idea to the market maturity, regardless of whether in start-ups or in day-to-day business. wygroup relies on the latest methods from Silicon Valley. 


wygroup is market-oriented and is on the same page as its decision-makers.


With challenges like

  • Digital Transformation

  • fast and sustainable scaling of enterprises

  • expansion to new markets (national/international and direct/indirect)

  • memberships of boards of directors

  • realignment and/or definition of strategy

  • turnaround

  • sales growth and profit increase

  • optimization of processes

  • the course of succession 


wygroup supports and accompanies the client actively. When doing this wygroup not only emphasizes the value of quick success but especially of sustainability.


The success of wygroup lies in the consistent implementation of customer goals!


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wygroup possesses many years of international field experience in the distribution of software products and services. wygroup is internationally connected and is familiar with the different cultures of the world market.

The services of wygroup concentrate on

Digital Selling.jpg

In order to not miss the boat, digital selling should definitely be integrated into the business strategy, because digitization – especially in times of change – is rapidly reshaping the B2B business.

Companies that are developing the capabilities to sell virtually will benefit not only now, but also long term. 

The circumstances of today redefine what will be normal in the future.


New ideas shape the future. Innovative business ideas should use the momentum and be positioned in the market in a timely manner. Think smart, be great and keep growing. Our highly qualified coaches with considerable professional experience provide the best possible support and give you personalized coaching tailored to your business.

wygroup relies on the latest methods such as Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas.

As owner/shareholder of a company, you should think over and over again: is my BoD still properly staffed? If strategy or market conditions change, the BoD should reconsider its composition.

Non-executive directors are the "critical friend" of the CEO and executive team, with 50% of their role asking questions on how the business is run in the best interests of its stakeholders while spending 50% of the time supporting the team towards mission success and growth.

Managemen Coaching

Digital Transformation as an opportunity. Digitalization presents enormous challenges for companies of all sizes. Traditional business segments are being eroded, established business models are being replaced. In order to be successful in the digital age, it is primarily a matter of changing leadership styles. We develop and implement the necessary cultural change together with your management and employees.

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Key question for start-up: how strong is your business model in the current market situation?


The corona pandemic reinforced trends 

Responsive Website

Real leader - or "just" a manager?

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Digitization in companies has effects on different levels


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wygroup GmbH

Obere Paulistrasse 6

CH-8834 Schindellegi


phone: +41 55 410 55 00

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